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Attractin' honeys like a magnent
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Summer is just around the corner! Which means you’re probably fervently preparing for ~bikini season~, trying to get back into that beach bod! Well here are some dieting tips from Denny’s Diner to help you feel a little more comfortable this year:

  • Bikini season? Shmikini shmeason.
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can’t put my finger on it

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‘hi i haven’t talked to you in five weeks but we’re still best friends’: a story about me and human interaction.

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the way to my heart (take notes boys)

  • stickers
  • mixtapes/playlists in the form of a CD
  • reese’s peanut butter cups
  • temporary tattoos (cats mainly)
  • peach snapple
  • any form of art especially handwritten notes and drawings
  • concert tickets
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stop, if u really missed me and “wished i was there” YOU WOULD COME SEE ME.

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Beyoncé - Pretty Hurts

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if u really missed me u would do anything to see me not make excuses.

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